Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast

Clean carpets are essential for family health

Normal price is $30 / room

GST excluded

House cleaning customers are discountable

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Leave the cleaning to the professionals
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Carpet cleaning forms an important aspect of their maintenance and helps to keep the surrounding environment clean and healthy. Carpets of various kinds have long since been a staple in homes and office buildings. They beautify our homes and add a touch of class to our commercial buildings but tend to have higher needs than flooring like vinyl or laminate. Carpets attract and capture dust, dirt, sand, pet hair and can harbour mold and mildew.

We offer a complete range of carpet cleaning services, including steam clean, carpet shampoo, stain removal, odor removal, fast drying and upholstery clean. You can get your lounge suites or upholstered and chairs cleaned while where at your service. We use high performance steam cleaning equipment.

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