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(All our cleaning products are environmentally friendly and include: tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, neutral chemical, timber chemical, vinegar, marble chemical., according to your home's floor material)

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Weekly, Fortnightly regular cleaning
Monthly $37.5/hr

GST excluded


There is always a free inspection and quote, where we check the flooring in your home, work through your individual requests, and inspect the initial condition. After the Management team have created a detailed work order according to the your home’s requirements and condition, only then is the first clean performed. We often recommend an initial Spring Clean to ensure every corner of your home is spotless.

Pauls Cleaning System
After the first spring cleaning, a cleaning system is developed individual to each customer. This includes highly detailed work instructions to be performed on both a weekly and monthly basis. We focus on cleaning the areas that are usually missed every week.  In the case of floor cleaning, the the cleaning products are determined by the type of flooring i.e. timber, tile, marble, as well as the mop type used (i.e. steam mob, general mop, microfiber mob). There is also detailed cleaning of the easy to miss parts (tile end, door, toilet wall, etc.) weekly and monthly base and regular spot inspections from the Pauls Clean Management Team.

Cleaning and dusting furniture, picture frames, ceiling fans, lamps, electronics, decor, shelves, baseboards window sills, blinds and shutters. Cobwebs removed. Doors and door frames, glass and mirrors spot cleaned and hand wiped. Change linen and make beds. Stairs, wood and tile floors vacuumed and mopped and given extra attention as needed. Stairs, carpets and rugs vacuumed. General straightening and organising.

Appliances cleaned and shined and given extra attention where needed. Counter tops, sink and stove cleaned and sanitised. Cabinets, doors and door frames spot cleaned and hand wiped. Microwave cleaned and sanitised inside and out, including turntable. Baseboards, window sills, blinds and shutters dusted and hand wiped. Floors vacuumed and mopped. Cobwebs removed. General dusting.

Shower, shower doors, bathtubs, tile walls, sink, counter top, toilet and cabinets cleaned, sanitised and given extra attention. Mirrors and light fixtures and chrome fixtures cleaned and shined. Baseboards, window sills, blinds and shutters dusted and hand wiped. Cobwebs removed. Doors and door frames spot cleaned / hand wiped. Tile floors. Vacuumed and mopped and given extra attention as needed. Carpets and rugs vacuumed. General dusting.

Window cleaning, inside refrigerator, dishwasher, oven and fireplace, laundry, ceiling and wall washing, dishes, garage, barbecue, balcony, patio and patio furniture, home organising are all available. Ask us now!

Office cleaning

Normal Price ​​is $32.5
Special price is $Ask us

Apartment cleaning

We can offer total service
for special price

Special price is $ Ask us

Spring cleaning

Normal Price is $40
Special price is $35/hr

​​Carpet cleaning 

Normal Price is ​​$30

Special price is $ Ask us

​​Window cleaning 

Normal Price is $40

Special price is $ Ask us

​​Oven cleaning 

Normal Price is $35

Special price is $30 / hr